New Glamour Day Spa Policies

1. We respectfully request 24 hour+ notice for cancellations so that we may accommodate other clients for the time now available. Failure to do so will require us to charge you for the missed service. Please provide us with the 24 hour+ advance notice! Call 908-668-8828
We will provide each client with one Emergency Cancellation, however please call us at 908-668-8828 ASAP to let us know that you will not be able to make your scheduled appointment.
2. If you are late for your appointment by 15 minutes or more, you may have to wait until the next available time slot. We do not want to inconvenience any of our clients.
3.If our valued client desires to return a purchased package, we allow this. However, prior to the refund (if applicable) our client will have the previous services recalculated to the original retail cost posted versus the discounted cost offered due to purchasing a package. Any refund due will be based on the recalculated cost.
4. Purchased products may only be returned if the purchase meets these criteria: a. The return is requested within 7 days of the purchase and b. The return is due to an allergic reaction.
5. Our valued client may request to cancel any purchased package that you have a deposit on, not paid in full (lay away). We will gladly refund the deposited amount minus a 20% admin fee.